My name is Jared Boorn, and I’m an artist | tinkerer that currently resides in eastern Washington. The content of this website will include information about the things that I’m making, reading, and thinking about. If you wish to reach me for professional reasons you can reach me through email. I imagine that my posts will be sporadic as I finish up my Master’s thesis, but I’ll do my best to keep this blog updated with current happenings along the way.

Currently, I’m utilizing drawing machines that the gracious Sandy Noble has made open-source, more information about their construction, purchase, and what a “polargraph” is checkout his website: here . For those who are to lazy to do the research themselves it is a hack-able hanging ‘v’ plotter that utilizes Sandy’s clever code which also includes his polargraph controller and coordinate command system. Aside from polargraphs, I also utilize video/animation, 3D printing technologies, python scripting, and other newer forms of media to develop artwork that questions our relationships to “daemons” that affect and cohabit our everyday.

By “daemon” I refer not to the Roman-Catholic version of the “demon” that is the hell fired spawn of Satan but rather the etymological Greek root of the word “daemon” that refers to an intermediary being that performs operations between the human realm of experience and unseen/esoteric realms.  For me it has been helpful to orient this line of inquiry within a modern contextual framework that includes but isn’t limited to: webscraping technologies, mass surveillance, the classification of digital images using machine learning systems, the emergence of artificial intelligence, current nihilistic trends of human experience, and our gnostic relationships to these unseen and hard to understand technologies that we utilize daily.

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